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Change Your World by Changing Theirs

When you support the global ministry of Walk Thru the Bible, you change lives.

Including your own.

You begin to see that igniting passion for God's Word among others around the world helps revitalize your own realization of God's power to change lives, often in ways you might never expect.

Just imagine:

  • A school system—a public one—full of students and teachers excited about God's Word.
  • A police force trained in a biblical approach to leadership.
  • A family that's on the verge of breaking up being miraculously restored and staying together.
  • A church that's effectively unraveling the sex-traffic industry in its community.
  • Real, lasting impact.

Only we don't have to imagine these things. They are happening.

Walk Thru the Bible's innovative tools and training not only "make disciples" within the walls of a church. They have also been widely used in public school systems in places like England and Ghana; influenced government agencies in places like Honduras and Romania; and have helped change lives, preserve families, address social needs, and inspire churches in more than 80 countries around the world to reach their communities in dramatic ways. God's Word can have a powerful effect.

When igniting passion for God's Word results in ministries to AIDS victims and orphans, influences leaders in government and education, or reaches millions in "closed" countries through creative media programming, it's easy to start seeing doors of opportunity everywhere and to dream big.

Real life change happens in a series of small steps, and small steps make a huge difference.

Taking a walk can change the world.

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