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Christians around the world are desperate for the inspired Scriptures, but for most in America, the Bible sits unread & collecting dust.

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Did you know 58% of churchgoers don’t read the Bible or only read it a few times a year?

ALMOST SIXTY PERCENT! And of Americans that read the Bible, only 11% have read all of it.

92% of households own at least one copy of the Bible. And online, the Bible is available for free in almost any desired form.

So, in spite of easier and broader access, biblical engagement is actually declining. In the ’80s, occasional Bible reading was at 73%. Now, it sits at 40%.

And, Gen Z (1999-2015) is the first generation primarily unaware of what the Scriptures say. Their lack of knowledge is easily manipulated by the New Atheism’s skeptics and cynics.

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Who cares? If people DON’T read the Bible, what’s really at stake?

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God! Without Bible engagement, Christian growth is stunted at best…without Bible engagement, evangelism suffers. The future of the church in America hinges on our relationship with God, which grows through the deliberate study of the Scriptures He inspired.

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Since biblical study transforms lives and the world around us, we ought to pay attention. For example, biblical engagement leads to...

  • ...confidently living out your beliefs and trusting God to transform lives.
  • ...sharing the good news and love of Jesus while leveraging spiritual gifts for others.
  • ...willingness and follow-through for serving the community and global missions.
  • ...inviting unchurched people to attend a Christian service or program.
  • …praying for fellow Christians and unbelievers.

We know the transformation is real, but how do we fix the engagement problem?

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Boost biblical engagement, transform lives, & revitalize your church

What if there were a way to inspire Christians to read the most important truth found in the Scriptures? What if we could teach and engage believers in a fun, energetic, interactive way that will result in their wanting to read the Bible for themselves?

We can. And there is.

By unpacking the larger story of the Bible in a fun, compelling, and engaging live event, Walk Thru the Bible connects the dots of the Old and New Testaments telling the larger narrative of the entire Bible (hint: It’s about Jesus). Did we mention that it’s fun???

When it’s over, participants are passionate about the living Scriptures. And the truth of the Scriptures is unlocked for unbelievers.

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There is simply nothing on the planet like Walk Thru the Bible events.

"I've taken a college course on the history of the Old Testament, and never before have I seen it explained or told this way." - otLIVE Participant

With our interactive Old Testament (otLIVE), and New Testament (ntLIVE) events, Walk Thru the Bible educates, builds community, and invites accountability for fellow Christians to dive into the Scriptures and explore the powerful story of redemption.

"In the time of two church services, you're going to learn the entirety of the Old Testament. I don't know of another way to cram as much information and narrative and excitement about the Old Testament in such a short period of time." - otLIVE Participant

Our live events, which began in the ’70s, have continually grown through the decades with millions of people across America and the world participating in Walk Thru the Bible live events every year!

We’ve witnessed people who’ve never opened a Bible begin reading on their own. We’ve watched believers who have lapsed in their spiritual disciplines become reinvigorated and excited to open the Bible once again. We’ve been inspired by the people who’ve walked away from the event sharing the story of Jesus with their friends, neighbors, and family! To top it off, through the years, 3% on average walk away from our live event having met Jesus for the very first time as Savior!

"Doing the Walk Thru the Bible Is making me hungry to read the Bible. I loved every minute of otLIVE!" - otLIVE Participant

But don’t just take our word for it, see the stories in the following video from those who’ve been profoundly impacted by Walk Thru the Bible events (and read them throughout this page!).

Walk Thru the Bible exists to help you fulfill your calling as a pastor for personal & corporate transformation.

We want to help you ignite a passion for the Word of God by giving them a deeper understanding of how the Bible fits together.

Imagine what your church family will look and feel like when your members are reading and engaging with the Bible throughout each week with newly inspired habits!

And our live events are only the starting point. We can also launch your congregation into up to 12 weeks of small group study diving deeper into the Old and New Testaments through God’s Grand Story!

After participating in the event, your congregation’s newfound ability, knowledge, and confidence will fuel sharing the gospel. It’ll be an important small step in the large mission of bringing the good news to a country now walking away from the church and God.

“While in college I tried to read my Bible with regularity and diligence. It was hard! It overwhelmed and confused me. At last [after attending your event], the Old Testament made sense to me! I decided to devote myself to reading the Bible, and by the end of 2010, God willing, I completed my 20th read. Your ministry sparked a twenty-year fascination. I’ve even read the Bible in French and Spanish!” - Chuck Lovell

So what are you waiting for?

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Take the next step for improving your church’s biblical engagement

"We all need a relationship with God. And Walk Thru the Bible can get you there." - otLIVE Participant

We want to talk with you about improving biblical engagement in your church and share how otLIVE and ntLIVE can inspire your congregation in a fresh and exciting way.

As a thank-you for reaching out, we’ll provide you with a free gift (Teaching With Style by Bruce Wilkinson Audio Download) for tools that will elevate your teaching & preaching.

Please fill out the following form to receive your free gift and a follow-up from Walk Thru the Bible support staff who will answer your questions and guide you through every step of the process.

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