Helping People Everywhere Live God's Word

... and love God's Word. That's where "igniting a passion," a phrase we use frequently, comes in. Our mission is to set people up for an encounter with God, to connect them with His heart and open their ears to His voice. We believe that making disciples is more than simply making converts; it's helping people cultivate a dynamic, growing relationship with God. And igniting a passion for His Word is a vital part of that mission.

How do we do that?

By getting them into His Word every way we know how, and with an approach that's engaging, relevant, and memorable—even exciting and fun! In our events, we race through the Old or New Testament in a few hours. With our devotionals, we linger in the Bible over the course of a year. With our small group resources, we walk through the Bible—actually portions of it or topics from it—in a few weeks. We partner with local churches around the world to provide teaching, tools, and training to pastors, leaders, and all other believers with solid, biblical resources. And over the course of three decades, our discipleship materials have reached millions of people.

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