God brings people into your life whose style is different from your own so that you may be strengthened and made more complete. Building stronger relationships with those people begins first with understanding and appreciating the four styles and basic motivations that drive a person's behavior. The second key is knowing what the best situation or environment each person flourishes in, the third is...

—Excerpt from the Train the Trainer Leadership Training,
an exclusive training course from Walk Thru the Bible

Become Trained to Teach One of our Most Impactful Live Events!

Train the Trainer provides the training required to license you to teach our live event, Solving the People Puzzle.

Through the training you'll be equipped to bring this event into the Christian community, and as a bonus, you'll also be equipped to teach our exclusive marketplace version—Sharpening Your People Skills. SYPS is geared toward the professional business environment and provides a focus on team building skills.

Teach others how to understand and dramatically improve relationships.

If you have a heart to impact lives in a major, life-changing way and you have a gift for teaching, mentoring, and coaching, then you'll find becoming a certified Walk Thru the Bible trainer for Solving the People Puzzle one of the best investments of your time and gifting. Become a certified trainer and you'll impact lives and the Kingdom.

What is Train the Trainer?

Train the Trainer is a one-day equipping event for pastors, ministry professionals, and business leaders encompassing two courses that will dramatically;

  • Improve your people skills
  • Strengthen your leadership abilities
  • Enhance team building opportunities

What's the Impact?

These leadership principles are taught through the application of Biblical principles through the Train the Trainer Leadership Conference:

  • Learn about the four personal styles that impact the way people interact and work together.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the people around you—and value and appreciate yourself and others.
  • Learn how to adapt your personal style and approach to meet the collective need and achieve the greater good.
  • Apply these principles in order to lead more cohesive teams.
  • Build stronger teams and families by teaching others to apply the People Puzzle concepts in their daily lives.

Please Note: Train the Trainer should not be confused with our regular Walk Thru the Old Testament and Walk Thru the New Testament Live Event Instructor Training. Train the Trainer attendees are given a license to teach the above courses and can teach anywhere and there are no reporting requirements, workbook purchase minimums, or annual renewal fees! Train the Trainer attendees are not considered certified Walk Thru the Bible instructors as are those who attend our Instructor Training. Learn more about our Walk Thru the Old Testament and Walk Thru the New Testament Live Event instructor certification training.

Learn More about the Train the Trainer Leadership Conference

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